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Our Impact

Connie Prudhomme

I was so happy to see the Foundation come to Memphis! The chance to bring people with epilepsy together in fellowship, to share concerns and experiences is invaluable to those of us who are caretakers.  From our coffee and donut weekly meetings to outings and community events-these times are invaluable and treasured.  I am grateful for the opportunity to participate in increasing awareness and love the fellowship. The EF of SETN is a lifeline so many seek.  Many thanks to Joy Fields and the others who have made this happen!


Connie Prudhomme,

Mother of an Epilepsy Warrior

Mike Anderson

I've had epilepsy for 28 years. Epilepsy is a very lonely disability. I love meeting new people who share the same disability as me and concerns. I'm excited and happy to go to our community events and outings. Many thanks to Joy Fields and the Epilepsy Foundation of SETN. I love being a part of and helping increase epilepsy awareness! 

Mike Anderson,

Epilepsy Warrior

Perry Johnson


My name is Perry and I'm often misunderstood by a lot people - to find a group to be a part of. Having support and being understood are key with Epilepsy. 


I found my initial experience with the West TN Epilepsy Foundation group at our coffee meetup to be a good one. I was able to speak, without someone looking around in judgement or trying to overtalk me as I've experienced in other settings, because I'm not the loudest person in the room. 


Our group Director, Joy Fields keeps us informed of all of the upcoming happenings and is open to an ideas or suggestions we may have. 


We just finished an outing at a Memphis Redbirds game, where we all wore purple and represented the Epilepsy Foundation very well. We all had a good time that day, as the weather was perfect. We all shared a laugh at the coffee meet-up the next day talking about the game and the fact that some of us had some type of epileptic episode the following day. Wow. We all know that life goes on regardless, with this condition that will live with day-to-day, and we're grateful to have the Epilepsy Foundation of West TN here with us. 

Perry Johnson,

Epilepsy Warrior

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